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Maradol Papaya: Origin and more

Maradol Papaya is one great fruit. I can prove it. Not to mention I’ve talked about it in a previous article where I cover up all the benefits packed by this fruit. Now I’ll give you all the inside scoop on the history of the Maradol Papaya. Let’s unveil all the rich history behind it by mentioning it’s origin and how it has been getting along with mankind.
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Everything About Fruit Picking: When and How?

Fruit Picking. You know how nicely stacked up is the fruit in the supermarkets. Well, today I’m going to mention the part of the process that happens before you get to see all that fruit gathered all fresh in the shelfs. Because some of us may take that for granted and we don’t know how and when should it be done. So, let me walk you through it and for it I’ll use some fruits we can find in Marabella’s Produce, because hands down they bring the freshest ones. They must do this well.  

Health Benefits of Maradol Papaya

Maradol Papaya is one heck of a fruit. Humans and Maradol Papayas go way back. They’ve been used ever since the Mayans discovered all the benefits they have to offer. Who knows. Even dinosaurs were in it too. Okay. Maybe not. The only truth is that it contains Vitamin A and C. If that’s not enough to catch your attention I’m going to count down some of the benefits, we can get from enjoying this exotic looking fruit.

Top 5 Green Fruit

Green fruit. Reminds me a lot of the famous phrase ‘’Eat your greens’’. Who hasn’t heard that one before, right? Especially when we were a lot younger. Our mothers couldn’t’ have been more right. I say this shouldn’t just have to apply to vegetables in fruit, this color can be taken as a clear invitation to the healthy life style world. No wonder green is associated with health! Up next, I’m going to talk about the fruits that may have something to do with this.

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Lime vs Lemon: Differences and Benefits

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