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Lime vs Lemon: Differences and Benefits

Lime vs Lemon may sound like a Pay-Pey-View boxing event, but hold your horses just yet. Today I’m gonna talk about the differences between these two citrus fruits as well as the benefits that come with. So, let’s get right to it!

Lime vs Lemon: Differences and Benefits

Let’s begin with the differences. Leaving aside the obvious ones such as shape and color. They have other notable ones. For example. We usually see lemons portraited and used on household cleaning products and even used for medical reasons too. 

Lemons have also a high concentrated amount of Vitamin C and Folate (Important during pregnancy). 39mg and 20ug respectively in 100g of juice. Which is great for our health. 

Having read all this you might be thinking on rushing to the nearest tree or market to get your hands on some nutritional and tasty lemons. But let me stop you right there! Hear me out on what I’ve got on limes first. Which, like its Lemon counterpart is also packed with great nutritional and tasty values.

Limes do have less Vitamin C and Folate into them. But what they lack on Vitamin C and Folate they make up for on Calcium and Vitamin A. 

Heating things up on this Lime vs Lemon ordeal.

They’re also mostly used on the culinary business for the bitter-sweet taste they bring into the table. Not so much outside food and drinks, though. 


The Lime vs Lemon thing can’t be over without going over the benefits. Which we see plenty of from these two. Like: 

  • Boost of Immunity – Vitamin C has a great impact on our immune system.  Simulating the production of white blood cells. Helping us fight off any illness or infection. Pretty sweet, right? No pun intended. 

  • Healing – The production of collagen, in charge of creating muscle, skin cells, tissue and bone for our body. Is benefited from the Vitamin C we get from limes and lemons.
  • Digestion – The amount of dietary fiber on these bad boys, 3 grams of fiber to be exact, has good impact on our digestive system. Reducing constipation and excess gas.
  • Cancer Prevention – This is a huge one for our yellow and green citrus friends. Their levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C and phytonutrients help counteract oxidative stress and other chronic diseases such as cancer.
  • Weight loss – The low-calorie count on limes and lemons makes it ideal to cut down on the calories you consume on the daily. You’ll get that full stomach satisfaction and feeling making it easier to reduce the snacking.


Said all this. Is there a clear winner to all the Lime vs Lemon dispute? Yes. The winner is us! We are the ones benefiting from all these great features that set them apart from each other but in a sense, bring them closer in battle to help us fight for our health.

So, you can be sure that next time you take a sip on some fresh and natural lemonade you’re getting your money’s worth with all that Vitamin C. Also, when you add some lime juice to your favorite food to give it that sweet-sour taste into.

So now you know the big differences between Lime vs Lemon!! 

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Nothing like a fresh fruit or veggie to get started on the road to a healthier life style.





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