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Fruit Picking: 10 Things You Must Know

Fruit picking is something we all have dealt with or will deal with eventually. It’s an essential when it comes to grocery shopping. It’s only natural, we want only the best fruit to go into our kitchen.  Have them displayed at their top pick shape and flavor.

fruit picking

Fruit Picking: 10 Things You Must Know

Some fruit are easier to pick than others. Just by looking at the color or consistency can pretty much give away a fruit’s condition. But how about when we run into those fruits that are somewhat more difficult to tell. I’ll explain the basics and the musts when picking fruit wherever you may be. 

1) Use your senses: Get your hands on and activate that nose. Because you’re gonna need them to feel and smell the fruit to get a sense of which is the best and right one.

2) Season: A season to be jummy. Fruit picking when the produce is out of season means it probably made a long distance to get where it is now. So, the flavor and texture won’t be at it’s prime. So, it’s always good to keep that in mind. Not to mention the price will likely be higher than usual.

3) Stem hunting: Gotta keep an eye open to spot the stem in fruit that are gonna be hard and green that will give away the time it was picked. If it’s hard and green like I mentioned before, the fruit will likely be fresher and hence more delicious. But in the other hand, if the stem is dry and lacks color. You’d have yourself a fruit that was picked some time back taking away the freshness and taste.

4) Location: Prawn for food when you have located it. Not always will fruit be available to you giving the season and location.   So, it’s best to locate the nearest store or market with the desired fruit.

fruit picking

5) Watch out for mold: Nothing says, ‘do not buy’ than a fruit covered in mold. Not only is it bad for the sight but for the other senses as well. Forgetting about trying to cut that part away. It simply won’t do it. Not to mention it’ll contaminate the surrounding fruit to it. Just keep away.

6) Color:  Double check if the color of the fruit in your hand is the same or similar to the other ones. If you notice it has a pale look to it, chances are it’ll not be as good and tasty. Probably even to the verge of rotating away. You wouldn’t want to have that surprise hit your taste buds when you give a bite into it.

7) Damages: Fruit bruise when handled inappropriately or too rough. Look out for those bruises that’ll indicate it has not been properly taken care of.

8) Keep your nose on guard:  Another give away if the fruit is right is the smell it gives away. Rotting fruit can’t hide the stench that comes out of them. 

9) Weight: Pick the fruit up. If it weighs more than the usual. Congrats! You’ve got yourself a fine piece of produce just aching to be enjoyed! 

10) Hollow: Tap lightly when it comes to bigger fruit such as watermelons. A hollow sound will indicate that the watermelon is just on point.

fruit picking

Knowing this essential key to fruit picking it must go without saying that next time you hit the market to watch out for these signs that’ll help you choose the best fruit out there. Something you don’t have to worry about when you see the Marabella sticker on them. 


Another great tip for you out there. Put this steps into practice and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying only the best fruit the market has to offer.



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