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Everything About Fruit Picking: When and How?

Fruit Picking. You know how nicely stacked up is the fruit in the supermarkets. Well, today I’m going to mention the part of the process that happens before you get to see all that fruit gathered all fresh in the shelfs. Because some of us may take that for granted and we don’t know how and when should it be done. So, let me walk you through it and for it I’ll use some fruits we can find in Marabella’s Produce, because hands down they bring the freshest ones. They must do this well. 

fruit picking

Everything About Fruit Picking: When and How?

  • Persian Limes: Limes when ripe are yellow. So, you pick them when they aren’t completely ripe. Being when you see them with that nice green color. To tell when it’s time just gently twist the lime from the stem to get it down from the tree and proceed to cut it open. If the inside is juicy that’s a green light for you to make the same with the rest. Note. If they’re wrinkled that means they’ve been left hanging for too long. They’re harvested in summer and take around 3 or 4 months to reach the peak of their flavor.
fruit picking

  • Pineapples: Not many of us even know how to they look when they’re being planted and grown. Let alone when they’re ready to be picked. No worries, though. I got your back. Pineapples are ready to be picked when the green color of the fruit starts to turn into that iconic yellow. Starting from the bottom. Color isn’t all when it comes to picking pineapples. A mature one can weight up to 5 to 10 pounds. They are grown in tropical weather. Fruit picking at its finest.

  • Avocados: Here’s an interesting fact. Avocados don’t ripe on the tree. So, picking them right off the tree may not be the wises choice if you want a great avocado right off the bat. The avocados will ripe once they’re off the tree. Knowing this shouldn’t be the hard part. The difficulty comes on the ‘when’ to harvest them. Because it will depend on the region it’s being grown. For example, the Haas avocado is one of the most common ones. 

They’re harvested in February but also as late as September. The more time it spends on the tree the oilier it gets, thus giving it more flavor. To tell if it’s ripe it must be soft but not too much. 

fruit picking

Fruit picking must not be our job to perform but it’s always useful to have this information with us. Whether you want to grow your own on your garden or just happen to pass by some trees with fruit. Many things and processes go by without us knowing and just get to see the fruit in the market, but we don’t see the science behind it all. 

fruit picking



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