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Maradol Papaya: Origin and more

Maradol Papaya is one great fruit. I can prove it. Not to mention I’ve talked about it in a previous article where I cover up all the benefits packed by this fruit. Now I’ll give you all the inside scoop on the history of the Maradol Papaya. Let’s unveil all the rich history behind it by mentioning it’s origin and how it has been getting along with mankind.

maradol papaya

Maradol Papaya: Origin and more

Papayas where first mentioned around the 1530’s where Oviedo said to have spotted the fruit growing in Southern Mexico and parts of Central America. Who’s seeds where taken and spread throughout the Dominican Republic and Panama. Sharing all those nutrients with the rest of the continent. Making its way to the top of the most common fruits in the markets shelfs one step at a time. Now let’s talk about the Maradol Papaya. One famous variation in the Americas.

Where did it came from? Its origin dates to Cuba. The name, though. You got to know how it got its name. Location. Las Villas, a providence in the Caribbean Island. Harvested by a couple named Maria and Adolfo. If that doesn’t give away the origin of the name, let, me just put those two together for you. Mar-adol. Creative and romantic, right? Still a better love story than a certain teen vampire movie. Just kidding. 

maradol papaya

Nowadays it’s the most popular type of Papaya in Mexico and Costa Rica. So, coming from a small province in Cuba to reaching star status in other countries. Not too bad. I bet Maria and Adolfo would be proud of how far their creation back in the 1930’s has gone. It just goes to show how some people give flowers, and some give a whole new variation of fruits. 

Now Mexico is the biggest cultivator and exporter of this variation of papaya in the world. So good Marabella’s Produce couldn’t keep away from it bringing Maradol Papaya to their products. Helping get the freshest of fruits and vegetables because that’s how you get to taste the best side of them. Want to know one more thing? Its also commonly used for medicinal purposes without leaving behind all the delicious recipes you can make with the Maradol Papaya of course. No wonder the word spread so fast all over the continent.

maradol papaya

Busting out these sweet facts won’t guarantee you to be the center of the party, but it will make you see beyond all the delicious benefits of the Maradol Papaya next time you stop for some and realize all objects, people and food have a story behind them. Add taste, nutrients and history to the Maradol Papaya with this great triple play. Told you this fruit is something else!




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